Mint a NFT to participate in Canon governance


While cryptoassets are inherently networked and likely to foster social groups and communities, some NFT projects specifically seek to facilitate or call attention to crypto-social interactions. As opposed to meatspace (or even internet social interactions), humanity and direct contact are unnecessary for interaction within crypto networks, though a layer of off-chain socializing exists and adds to complexity.

A working definition of crypto-social interactions would be a cryptographically secured relationship between two or more blockchain addresses within and/or between the private key holders of those addresses, and this canon is for those that intentionally highlight and engage with these dynamics

NFTs that exhibit crypto-social characteristics beyond that which is inherent to a networked asset. The work must codify specific relational protocols and effects, either on-chain directly built into the NFT, or off-chain in such a way as to result in an on-chain impact.
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