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Community-curated NFT lists and categories, stored on Arweave for permanence and accessibility.

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Like art world appropriation, musical sampling, and mainstream fan fiction, a canonical derivative NFT collection takes the artistic content of an existing collection and extends it, mutates it, ironises, or even subverts it. The decentralised, permissionless cultural economy that NFTs are creating encourages these practices: artists anticipate and appeal to their own derivatives strategically, in order to foster community and achieve longevity in the market. Thou mayest build, anon.

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While cryptoassets are inherently networked and likely to foster social groups and communities, some NFT projects specifically seek to facilitate or call attention to crypto-social interactions. As opposed to meatspace (or even internet social interactions), humanity and direct contact are unnecessary for interaction within crypto networks, though a layer of off-chain socializing exists and adds to complexity.

A working definition of crypto-social interactions would be a cryptographically secured relationship between two or more blockchain addresses within and/or between the private key holders of those addresses, and this canon is for those that intentionally highlight and engage with these dynamics

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In conceptual art the idea or concept is the leading gesture of the artwork. Visual execution follows an idea that frames the art making. A conceptual artist uses whatever materials and whatever form is most appropriate to putting their idea across – this could be anything from a performance to a written description.

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Dynamic NFTs go beyond the NFT as a static link and ledger recording ownership of a media file. Instead they function more like an application or software, responding to various data inputs and rules.