Open gallery ecosystem

JPG allows everyone to create NFT exhibitions regardless of what they own. Flexible layouts allow users to bring attention and value to NFTs through context, focused viewing experiences, and new, complementary meanings.


JPG helps collectors curate their NFTs to showcase and control the story of their collections, even juxtaposing owned and unowned pieces to add further context and meaning.


Curators can share their knowledge by spotlighting important works and creating relational meanings, while establishing a record of their work.


Creators can make a single repository of their minted works, allowing for easier indexing and discovery. They can also curate experiences that situate their works among those of their fellow creators.

Registry-based Protocol

As more exhibitions are created, a rich index of NFT data and relationships is generated, forming a powerful discovery engine for the NFT ecosystem.

How cultural objects are displayed and by whom is just as significant as who has owned them. JPG provides a record of curatorial provenance for NFTs that fosters long-term cultural value.

A reputation system is an important way to measure and reward contributions to the network. The JPG community will develop as a decentralized social layer with its own reputation system.

Build the new media future

A community-generated registry of NFTs provides an important primitive for the ecosystem. By creating exhibitions on JPG, users contribute to a new layer of cultural infrastructure that gives rise to valuable interest and social graphs.

The NFT ecosystem is open to all. Anyone can make, purchase, sell, and curate art. Share your expertise and become a tastemaker by creating exhibitions on JPG.

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